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Our whole life cost data started in 1989 and our consultants have analysed and interpreted whole life cost data since 1987.
You will get real, tangible value from working with us on whole life costs. They’re not just academic numbers to us. We use them for a real purpose – to generate more sales for your business or help you cut your motoring costs.
Here are just some of the ways we could use Whole Life Costs to boost your business or save you motoring costs:
  • We could show you how to save money on your next car or van purchase
  • If you are a Fleet Manager, our data will help you with vehicle selection policy and budgeting for  individual vehicles as they go on the road
  • You could also use our data for proactive cost reduction on your current vehicles
  • We have ways to help you sell more cars if you are a Manufacturer or Main Dealer
  • We also have ways to retain your customers for the second vehicle purchase
  • You could also work with our data to help retain your after sales workshop business
  • If you are a Manufacturer, we can help with launch planning and ongoing  vehicle brand positioning
  • If you sell insurance, warranty, breakdown cover, tyres, or any other industry service, you will also benefit from working with our data and consultants
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