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Pre-defined sector based license packages

or one built bespoke for you



Our license types are made up from the data systems products listed HERE.
We can provide per-defined sector based license packages or build bespoke packages based around your individual requirements.
New Car and Van Data
This is available for cars and vans combined, or separately. Similarly, all Manufacturers are provided in our standard licence, but we can also provide data on a single manufacturer basis.
The components for new vehicle data are Vehicle Codes, Descriptions, Specification, Options, Colours/Trims, Technical/Performance data, Images and Prices. These components can be tailored to your precise requirement as well.
Residual Values
Residual Value forecasts (4Cast) can be purchased as a standalone module, or combined as a package with New Vehicle Data.
Service and Repair (SMR) Forecasts
SMR data is available by itself for individual bespoke projects, or can be purchased with a software tool (SMR3) to enable you to manipulate the default data for the operating circumstances for your own fleet.
Whole Life Costs
Whole Life Cost data can be tailored for the precise requirement of your individual project. We would need to sit down with you, work through your plans, and evolve a customer journey together.
However, if it’s a software tool, containing all of our whole life cost data, that you are after, then we can demonstrate this to you, and supply the tool as a standalone product.


Clear Vehicle Data


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